Tuesday, April 5, 2011

One Day Without Shoes

Today my courage was tested with one simple act, shoes. First the weather, yes it is finally warming up however April showers are definitely making their presence known today. First steps out of bed have me asking myself should I wear warm cozy slippers?

NO today is One Day Without Shoes, how are the children managing today. Simple get out of bed, start the morning with no complaining! The family looks at me, "wierd Mom", (I get that familar look  ;). One trek outside it's cold and I want to get my shoes, no, I remind myself - the kids ;) so off on the journey down the driveway. I get a double glance from the bus driver that talks to me every morning but not today.

Husband is off to work, needs help getting items to the car, looks at my feet, and gives me that look ;). I smile, think about the kids and go back inside. Then next on my list, drop one off at school, he doesn't stop at the front entrance. I ask "You don't want them to see me without shoes?"  I get the look (again ;) and informed, "Mom that will not work for me at school, they won't allow it"

I start to ponder that, why????????????????????????????????

Why am I doing this? Yes I want to raise awareness for the children, it's reason enough to get the odd look, but the best part are the brave few that will ask why and know (starting with my family). Maybe next year there will be more local events that will support this cause, if not I am prepared to do it again. The rain outside is a reminder it starts with one small drop, the ripples of which can fill the ocean and maintain humanity! 

One Day Without Shoes, an enlightend view about how something as simple as shoes can be taken for granted. I started my day, up early and my reminder of a One Day Without Shoes. I look outside the weather is warm but it is raining,  I am reminded that everything starts with one small act of awareness and the courage to act on it.

Thank you TOM Shoes, for sharing 


All it takes is the courage to stand up, because that is the drop of water that will start the ripples ........ that will make a change.

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